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From the author of the award-winning best-seller Double Your Business
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I used to think my advertising was invisible…

I would spend ages crafting a campaign and then…


But after buying every course and spending hours applying all the lessons carefully, nothing seemed to be working.

Feeling utterly dejected, I would lick my wounds for a while and then have another go.

Still more tumbleweed.

Until I decided to do something different.  To pay attention to what the people selling these courses were doing, rather than what they were selling.

It became obvious to me then – they sell you bits and pieces of the puzzle, but not the whole picture.

Using my new discovery, I was able to help my clients achieve far bigger results.  At the same time I built an £11m business – Greenlight Credit Ltd – with some friends.

Financial Times Publishing even contacted me to write a book for them!

Now I’d like to share with you the 5 secrets of attracting all the B2B sales that you need.

Be my guest.  Scroll up to the top and hit the button to get it – I know you’re going to find it helpful.


Hi! My name is Lee Duncan

I help successful business owners who find themselves stuck with flat-lined growth, working flat-out with too little free time for themselves, or are at risk of becoming a ‘busy fool’ – working too hard for too little in return.

I help them to grow their business by increasing profitability and cash flow, producing more enquiries and improving sales, and optimising the way their businesses work so they make more money with less effort and drama.

My best-selling book, Double Your Business, was published in 2012 by Financial Times and was the WH Smith Business Book Of The Month.