17,900,000 Small Business Marketing Ideas…

Do you need more small business marketing ideas to bring in more enquiries?  Often, lead generation is the biggest challenge that small businesses have.  We’ve got smaller budgets, fewer people and no specialist knowledge to make the most effective use of our marketing spend.

Type small business marketing into Google and just see how many results you get.  I just did and got 17,900,000.  Here’s a couple of useful blog articles to start you off…

If the product you sell involves any statistics, you need to ignore the subject but read this article about presenting data in a clear way for your customers.  I just came across it and it reminded me of a time when I used to talk all about technical stuff to my clients that they probably had never previously heard about.

Remember, your marketing is never about what you are selling, it’s about your clients and their needs.  They will rarely be interested in the same numbers as you, they may not even know the abbreviations and special language that you use to talk about it.  At least not to start with.  They just want to know how your product will solve their problem.

Seth Godin (the Purple Cow author) on Are They Ready To Listen? – discusses the perils of trying to market to the right people at the wrong time…  If your clients are about to go on holiday, don’t try to sell them a mortgage!  If your target market are cutting costs, don’t try to upsell them into your luxury goods range.  You get the idea.  He’s a great inspiration for small business people everywhere, because he deals a lot with niche business.

“No Peanuts, Sir?  Here’s Your £2 Refund”

An amusing suggestion to the airline industry that they should raise prices, rather than surcharging at every turn, is presented on Small Business Trends blog.  Not sure I’d like to try this if my competitors didn’t agree to stop competing on price too!  On the other hand, you could have some real fun with the advertising of this approach.

I can just imagine the headline, with a pretty stewardess smiling out from the page, “No Peanuts Sir?  That’s A £2 Refund, Thank You For Flying Duncan Airways”.

Don’t tie up your whole day reading other people’s blogs, but think about this.  There are nearly 18 million pages returned when you search on Google for small business marketing.  If you need more customers and want to improve your lead generation, there’s a lot to be said for doing something different.

What have you done differently in the past year to get new customers?  If you’re just doing the same things, is it reasonable to expect different results?  Give yourself a goal of trying out something new in the next month or two.

Too many people in business get their heads down and complain about all that’s wrong.  They would do well to read the definition of madness...

Of course, if you’re struggling for ideas to help you improve your business, it could make sense to contact a good business coach…

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