The 5 Factors To Increase Your Business Exit Value

How to maximise business exit value image

In this video you’ll discover the 5 key factors that affect your business exit value. [00:00:00] This past week I’ve been talking to a client who’s been really interested in how to increase his business exit value. You see he got into business with the whole goal of being able to sell it at the…

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Managing Your Business – Lead vs Lag Metrics

Most businesses think that measuring performance is all about looking at the history – things like number of leads received, conversion rate, sales figures and so on. In reality, there are two kinds of metrics – the ones above are all known as Lag metrics, because they tell the story of what’s already happened. If…

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Think Dashboard, Not Pin-Board

In this video I explain the difference between plain ol’ Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) – numbers that measure various things in your business – and building a Dashboard – just the figures that give you the immediate information you need to know that your business is working properly in every way. Hi Lee Duncan here…

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